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SGHB-03 skateboard

SGHB-03 skateboard
Product Detailed

2 wheels skateboard Load ability: 95 kgs Accessories: 300D Fabric Backpack, Tools, Instruction VCD,

Vigour board popular name snake board (SNAKE BOARD), is new favorite of slip board of the same class , the slip board replacement product, most IN the COOL Korea Republic tastes most newly. The make use of the body , two foot twists and comes drive hand's swing vigour board to go ahead, have walking if the dragon and snake loafs about in general since the person moves the appearance moving forward, therefore the dragon is unnatural. Be that at present lying fallow new and developing is flexible , be popular in Korea Republic , USA and the world for lately everywhere. Be called dry land board and vigour board in the homeland. Replace old-fashioned slip board completely.

Vigour board has come to take a look on that from model , it has broken the slip board tradition manufacturing engineering.

From that the function comes up, the pattern has the very good fad.

From after stepping on slip board, achieve slip board goes ahead purpose , need making use of the body and foot's activity to glide for by the aid of foot and the floor acting force again unnecessarily.

As for coming to consider sex , acting as for the male plays a family to come, it is the interest slip board beyond doubt one have more , it can be the effect looking at build body He Mei the body get up have arrived at may not but as for daughter play home, not only the history without lot which people are brought together having ended slip board and the girl, is heavier.

Judging from the space request, this kind slip board popularizes more.

[Vigour board characteristic]

1, free pleasant sensation having surfing , seem to drive wind but go, take advantage of that the dragon soars as if.

2, depends on the body twist but Qian Jin, not needing a foot to push smoothly , may make various fancy change action , the best body building.

3, Qian Jin direction does as one likes , makes turn radius within 50 centimetres, therefore moving be expert in making turn and floating most.

Space size is not restricted 4, one meter of inner may make in situ revolution action even in the diameter.

5, speed speed is relaxed grasp, you control essential imminently slow Ren.

[Vigour board is explained]

Pull a long the body: PC , ABS

Carriage wheel: POLYURETHAN , high strength nylon , two wheels

Wheel: White wheel of flicker PU wheel/ high elasticity PU. Abrasion resistance , elasticity are all quick , solider , more glossy than unnatural general dragon speed

Weight: 3.5-4.00 KGS

Bearing: 95.00 LGS

Colour: Blue black (various design pattern is for selections's breaking)


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